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Signs Your Man Is Texting Another Woman: Decoding The Clues

We’ve all been there – noticing your man guarding his phone, laughing at messages he won’t show you, and generally being more secretive than usual with his phone habits. Those are all signs your man is texting another woman. As soon as the thought enters your mind that your man could be texting another woman behind your back, it’s hard to think rationally. Jealousy, anger, and hurt are all natural emotions to feel in this situation. But before you accuse your man of anything, it’s important to gather the facts and look out for solid signs that he may be engaging in shady communication with another woman.

In this article, we will cover all the major signs your man is texting another woman. We’ll also explore how to confirm your suspicions by checking phone records, social media, and other online tools. Finally, we will provide tips on confronting your man if you believe he is texting someone else, as well as guidance on when it may be time to walk away from the relationship. While we hope your worries are unfounded, it’s beneficial for every woman to educate herself on the warning signs, so you can deal with this situation head-on if it ever arises.

According to research, 19.2% of women and nearly one-quarter of men said they had “cheated” in their current relationship, meaning they had had sex with someone other than their partner that could have harmed or jeopardized it.

Signs Your Man Is Sexting Another Woman

some signs might show that he is texting another woman

He guards his phone

One of the most common signs your man is texting another woman is if he goes to great lengths to prevent you from seeing or accessing his phone. He may never leave his phone unattended, or always make sure the screen isn’t visible when texting around you. If you approach while he’s texting, he may quickly turn off the screen. Men who are faithful to their partner generally don’t care if you glance at their phone and have nothing to hide.

Puts phone face down or angles it away

Similarly, you may notice your man deliberately putting his phone face down on the table or angling it away from your line of vision when texting. This allows him to be sneaky about who he is communicating with. An innocent text conversation wouldn’t require such secrecy. Therefore, it can be counted as one of signs your man is really texting another woman.

Takes phone everywhere – even the bathroom

When your man starts taking his phone absolutely everywhere with him to the point of absurdity, he could be trying to stay in constant contact with the other woman. This includes texting in the bathroom, stepping outside for frequent “smoke breaks” when he doesn’t smoke, and never letting his phone leave his pocket when at home.

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Responds to texts immediately – even late at night

If your man suddenly begins responding to text messages at all hours of the night, it could mean he is involved in a clandestine relationship. Here we have one of the signs your man is secretly texting another woman. Unless it’s an emergency, most text conversations can wait until morning. But cheaters will often respond immediately to messages from their affair partner, even waking up to text back late at night when getting texts from the other woman.

Laughs randomly at the phone and won’t show you why

Pay attention if your man is frequently giggling or laughing at something on his phone that he refuses to share with you. Laughing can signify intimacy, and if it’s a text conversation he wants to keep private, he is likely communicating with another woman in an inappropriate manner.

Lots of texts late at night or early morning

If you notice a flurry of text activity on your man’s phone early in the morning or late at night, this could be a red flag among all signs your man is secretly texting another woman. Most people are not texting friends or colleagues during these hours, so the late night texts could be to a woman.

Texts more frequently in general

When your man suddenly begins texting more often throughout the day and his phone is always buzzing with new messages, he may be engrossed in communication with his new lady friend. Comparing his texting habits now to a month ago will help reveal if there has been a recent spike in text activity.

Keeps phone on silent mode

When a man wants to conceal when he is receiving texts from another woman, he may keep his phone permanently on silent or vibrate mode. It is one of the telltale signs your man is sexting another woman. This prevents any audible message notifications if he receives a text from her in your presence. Pay attention if he used to keep his ringer on, but now suddenly keeps his phone on silent at all times.

Has new phone security like passcodes

If your man suddenly installs new security on his phone like a fingerprint lock or passcode when he didn’t use one before, it could be because he is hiding text messages and doesn’t want you accessing his phone. Men who have nothing to hide don’t need advanced security on their personal devices.

Gets defensive if you touch his phone

A leader among all signs your husband is texting another woman. An innocent man won’t care if you play around on his phone or borrow it to make a quick call. But if your man gets angry, overly defensive or panicked when you pick up his phone, even just to check something quick, it’s possible he is worried about you accessing messages from the other woman.

How Can I See Who My Husband is Texting?

man chatting with someone through phone

If you’ve noticed multiple signs he is sexting, it’s understandable to want concrete evidence to confirm your suspicions before confronting him. Here are some tips:

Look at phone records for unknown numbers

Check the detailed bills for your shared cell phone plan, and look for any frequently texted or called numbers you don’t recognize. Comparing the timestamps to when he is texting can help reveal if he is in consistent contact with another number.

Check social media for clues

Social media is a remarkable way to see who is he texting behind your back. People slip up sometimes and leave flirty comments or likes on each other’s Facebook pictures and other social media profiles. Spend some time combing both his profile and pictures as well as searching his name on other social sites to look for suspicious interactions with another woman. 

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Borrow his phone to “make a call”

If you can get a moment alone with his phone, borrow it under the pretense of needing to make a call. Look for any messaging apps he may be using to conceal texts with another woman. Also, keep an eye out for any suspicious notifications that pop up during the time his phone is unlocked.

Use the spy app to gather evidence

Spy apps, popularly known as “spyware”, are special types of software designed to collect and monitor data from another device. They come in handy if you have thoughts like, “How can I see who my husband is texting?” These applications work discreetly, remaining hidden from the user of the targeted device. Here are the benefits of using a spy app to confirm if your husband is texting another woman:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Spy apps can monitor all sent and received messages, even those that have been deleted. They can also track call history, providing a record of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Stealth Mode: One of the significant advantages of spy apps is their ability to operate covertly. They run in the background without causing any noticeable changes to device performance, ensuring the user remains unaware of their presence. Therefore, you have more chances to gather ​​signs your husband is sexting.
  • Access to Social Media: Spy apps can monitor activity on various social media platforms, providing insight into interactions, messages, and shared media files.
  • Real-Time Updates: Spy apps often offer real-time monitoring features, allowing you to access information in almost real-time. This feature is valuable when monitoring texting activity, as it provides instantaneous information.
  • Ease of Use: Most spy apps are user-friendly. Once the app is installed on the target device, it starts collecting data immediately. The collected information is then sent to a web-based portal where you can review it at your convenience.

Spy app can provide a comprehensive overview of your husband’s texting activities, helping you confirm all those ​​signs your husband is sexting. 


Most spy apps include the following features:

  • GPS Tracking: Many spy apps have GPS tracking capabilities, allowing you to track the location of the targeted device in real time.
  • Keylogging: Some spy apps offer keylogging features, which record all keystrokes made on the device. This feature can be useful for capturing passwords and other sensitive information.
  • Remote Control: Some spy apps allow you to remotely control the targeted device, providing additional monitoring capabilities.
  • Social Media Monitoring: In addition to text messages, spy apps can also monitor activity on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, so you have more chances to prove ​​signs that your husband is sexting.
  • SMS: Along with monitoring text messages, some spy apps also offer the ability to track SMS (Short Message Service) messages.
  • Media Files: Spy apps can also access and monitor media files shared on the targeted device, including photos, videos, and audio files.

Confronting Him About Signs He’s Talking to Another Girl Through Text

Once you’ve gathered signs he’s talking to another girl through text, it’s time to confront him. Here are some tips for having this difficult discussion:

Remain calm and express concern

A confrontational, angry approach will likely just make him act defensive and shut down. Instead, have the conversation coming from a place of care and concern, saying you noticed suspicious behaviors and want to understand what’s going on.

Present evidence if you have it

Rather than making vague accusations, it can be helpful to present the evidence you’ve gathered. This includes any unknown numbers shown on phone records, flirty social media interactions with another woman, or actual texts you discovered on his phone.

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Ask who he is texting and why

Directly ask who the suspicious number belongs to or who he is exchanging so many texts with. Tell him that you know all signs that he’s talking to another girl through text. Gauge his reaction and see if he is honest. Ask specific questions about why he felt the need to communicate with this other woman.

Signs Your Husband Is Sexting: What If He Is a Good Liar

man sitting sad

Finding out your man has been texting another woman is devastating enough. But if he denies it, even when you have clear evidence, or tries to make you feel crazy for suspecting him, this behavior can be even more damaging. Here is how to respond:

Don’t let him convince you that you’re wrong

Cheating men often gaslight their partner, trying to convince them the evidence doesn’t mean what they think, and that women just imagine all those signs that he’s talking to another girl through text. But trust your instincts if you have proof he is texting another woman, no matter what he claims.

Remember, inappropriate texting is unacceptable

Even if your man denies a physical affair, inappropriate one-on-one texting with another woman is grounds for concern. Don’t let him downplay it.

Give an ultimatum to come clean or you walk away

If he continues lying about texting another woman despite clear evidence, give him an ultimatum to either be honest immediately or you will need to end the relationship. Make it clear you won’t tolerate this behavior.

When to Walk Away from the Relationship

Discovering ​​signs that your husband is sexting can be heartbreaking. But you don’t necessarily need to immediately end the relationship in every instance. However, here are some cases where it may be time to walk away:

If he repeatedly lies and hides the truth

Relationships can’t survive without trust. If your man repeatedly lies about texting another woman even after being confronted with proof, it may be time to end things. 

If he refuses to give you access to his messages

Likewise, if your man refuses to allow you to see his texts or phone records to confirm who he is texting, your relationship likely can’t be salvaged due to his violation of trust. It is a great way how to tell if someone is texting while on the phone with you.

If he tries to blame you for his behavior

A man who responds to accusations of texting another woman by blaming you or your shortcomings as a girlfriend is not someone worth staying with, as he is unwilling to take responsibility for his shady actions.


Being in a relationship where you suspect your man may be texting another woman involves a rollercoaster of complex emotions. While we hope the signs your man is texting another woman you noticed were harmless in the end, it’s important to trust your gut instincts if your man’s behavior seems suspicious.
Gathering evidence in secret and having an open conversation is key to either confirming your worries or setting your mind at ease. If his texting does prove inappropriate, know that you deserve complete loyalty – and when to walk away if he can’t provide that.
Don’t ignore red flags or allow him to make you feel crazy for suspecting something. Being informed on signs of potential cheating can empower you to deal with the situation directly, rather than always wondering if your man’s behavior is shady.
You alone can decide if these signs your man is texting another woman are dealbreakers, or if the relationship is worth trying to repair after confronting him. Just know that you have the right to set boundaries to ensure you are comfortable and respected in your relationship at all times.

Catherine Mayers

Catherine is a psychologist and certified relationship coach with over 10 years experience helping couples heal after infidelity. Her approach provides a judgement-free space to process emotions, get to root issues, and take active steps to reconnect or mindfully part ways. Catherine offers research-based strategies to manage difficult emotions, rebuild broken trust, and improve communication. She provides empathetic guidance to empower couples during this challenging time, both through direct counseling and her insightful articles on repairing relationships after cheating.

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