Welcome to my infidelity support blog! I’m Catherine Mayers, a psychologist, certified relationship coach, and experienced infidelity counselor. After over a decade supporting couples through the aftermath of affairs, I created this blog to share my expertise through insightful articles and constructive advice.

My hope is to provide empathetic guidance and hope to those currently struggling through the pain of infidelity and looking to repair their relationships.

About The Blog

This blog aims to help couples heal and reconnect after infidelity through science-based strategies. I cover topics like:

  • Coping with emotional trauma
  • Rebuilding broken trust
  • Improving communication skills
  • Understanding root causes
  • Learning from betrayal experiences
  • Deciding to reconcile or part ways
  • Establishing boundaries
  • And more…

My articles are judgement-free and focus on empowerment. I know first-hand this is an incredibly difficult situation, but growth is always possible.

Connect With Me

While I don’t offer counseling services through this blog, I’m always happy to connect and answer questions!

Email: [email protected]

I’m also active on social media:

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Twitter: *will be created soon*

You can also find me as a guest contributor for various relationship-focused publications.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve walked with many couples on this journey. I hope my articles provide you with the insights, tools, and reassurance needed to move forward in a positive direction. You deserve compassion and support.

Warmly, Catherine