Affair Improver was founded in September 2023 by licensed psychologist and relationship coach Catherine Myers as a judgment-free resource for those recovering from infidelity and looking to heal their relationships.

“After over a decade counseling countless couples struggling to rebuild trust after betrayal, I realized the need for an easily accessible, shame-free online platform with compassionate, expert advice and support. That’s why I created Affair Improver – to be a beacon of hope for relationships devastated by cheating and guide couples towards deeper love and understanding.”

Our Philosophy:

At Affair Improver, our philosophy is that with determination, courage and mindfulness, relationships can be improved and intimacy restored even after the trauma of an affair. We aim to empower couples with research-backed guidance to either rebuild their original relationship or consciously uncouple with dignity.

Meet the Team:

Catherine Myers, Founder and Certified Relationship Coach – With over 10 years of experience counseling couples, Catherine is passionate about helping people heal.

David Matthews, Content Writer – David focuses on writing articles about tech topics related to infidelity. He brings 5 years of writing experience.


“If it wasn’t for Affair Improver’s articles, I don’t think my husband and I could have made it through the aftermath of his emotional affair. Their tips on processing betrayal trauma and rebuilding intimacy truly saved our marriage.” – Jessica, 35

“As a single dad trying to date again after divorce due to my ex-wife’s infidelity, the advice on setting boundaries and effective communication has been invaluable for my new relationship. I feel equipped to spot and stop red flags.” – Daniel, 42


Our articles cover topics like recognizing signs of cheating, online infidelity, catching cheaters, healing from betrayal trauma, overcoming infidelity at work, smartphone cheating, relationship red flags, improving intimacy after affairs, and more. We aim to provide actionable advice couples can apply to restore trust and connection.


How do you create your content?

Our founder Catherine and writer David research thoroughly and leverage their expertise to craft original articles with vetting from licensed counselors.

Do you offer counseling or therapy services?

No, we only provide informational articles and resources, not direct counseling. However, we can point you to reputable therapists.

What distinguishes your advice?

We take a compassionate, non-judgmental approach focused on healing. All our guidance upholds the highest ethics.