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I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me: Top Signs He’s Being Unfaithful

“I think my boyfriend is cheating on me…” — you feel it, right? 

That sinking feeling in your gut when you start to suspect your boyfriend is being unfaithful, can be emotionally devastating. While infidelity is sadly common in relationships, having your trust violated cuts deep. 

Before confronting your boyfriend or making assumptions, be aware of the most common signs that point to cheating so you can address the situation thoughtfully.

Is He a Cheater, or Am I Paranoid?

First, we have to understand the roots of infidelity. Is he cheating? Why is your boyfriend cheating? Generally, infidelity refers to any romantic or sexual behavior with someone else while in an exclusive relationship. This includes everything from flirtatious messages to full-on affairs. Both physical and emotional cheating damage trust.

While reasons for cheating boyfriend differ — boredom, ego, lack of connection, etc. — the aftermath often includes intense feelings of hurt, anger, and confusion. Being aware of warning signs allows you to gather insight before making accusations you later regret. What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating? Keep reading to discover it! 

Is he cheating?

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Are you wondering if your boyfriend is unfaithful but unsure of the signs to look out for? I know how agonizing and confusing those doubts can be in a relationship. You want concrete evidence before making accusations, but you need to figure out what counts as proof. 

Do not let your mind spiral with assumptions before you have all the facts. Take a deep breath. So, what are signs someone is cheating on you? Based on my experience, these are the most common signs that could indicate your boyfriend is cheating:

Sudden Lack of Interest

One red flag is if your boyfriend suddenly pulls away emotionally and seems less interested in spending quality time together. Cheating boyfriends tend to transfer their energy and attention to the new person, so you may notice him becoming distant, impatient, or cold towards you.

Excuses For Alone Time

What are other signs a man is cheating? Suppose he’s starting to mysteriously “work late” more often or finds excuses to be away from you for long periods, that behavior warrants suspicion. According to Neil Shaw, a journalist from Wales Online Media, cheaters need private time to communicate with and see the other person. Examine any explanations that seem vague or fishy.

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signs someone is cheating on you

Changes in Sex Life

An unexplained dip or spike in your sex life can also signal cheating. Less intimacy likely means he is being fulfilled elsewhere. But sometimes, a cheating bf gets a boost in libido from the affair. Just note any drastic changes in sexual patterns or desires.

Secretive Phone/Online Activity

Watch for him being overly protective of his phone and social media accounts. Cheaters need to hide flirty messages and photos. Also, note if he suddenly has new passcodes, you don’t know or change his privacy settings. It’s how a guy acts after he cheated. 

Less Effort in Appearance

So, what else? How do you know if your bf is cheating? Finally, a lack of effort in his appearance with you could be a sign — like no longer wearing nice date outfits or cologne. If he’s cleaning up for someone else, he may not care as much about impressing you.

Trust your gut feeling, but don’t assume the worst prematurely. Search for clear patterns in his actions before making serious cheating accusations. Stay strong, and know you will handle the truth.

signs a man is cheating

Lying About His Whereabouts

Is my man cheating? If you ask this, pay attention to one more sign. If your boyfriend has started lying or giving vague answers when you ask where he was or who he was with, that’s a major red flag for cheating. He may make up excuses that don’t quite add up because he doesn’t want you to know he was with someone else.

Sudden Changes in His Interests

Cheating can also cause shifts in his hobbies and interests. For example, he used to love sports but now is suddenly passionate about the arts. This could signal he is picking up the interests and hobbies of his affair partner. Among all red flags, this is – one of the most popular boyfriend cheating signs. 

Using New Slang or Phrases

Similarly, pay attention if your boyfriend starts using new vocabulary, phrases, or inside jokes that seem out of character. He may be picking these up from conversations with a new romantic interest. This sign can help you find out if he’s cheating. 

Buying New Clothes or Changing His Look

If you notice your boyfriend suddenly buys new wardrobe pieces unlike his usual style, changes his hairstyle, or starts wearing trendier clothes, it could be to impress another woman. People tend to change their appearance for new love interests. If you notice this, probably, he’s cheating. 

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me

Showing Less Affection

One of the most painful signs is when your boyfriend stops being as verbally affectionate with you. Pet names, compliments, saying “I love you” — if he offers these reassurances less often, he may reserve that affection for someone else. It is one of the most significant physical signs he’s cheating. 

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Trust what your instincts are telling you. But also, reflect carefully before making direct accusations to understand what you observe fully. Focus on consistent behavioral patterns rather than isolated incidents before confronting him.

Why My Boyfriend Cheated On Me? 

Ok, now you know the signs of boyfriend cheating. But probably you are interested in why he did this. It’s common to agonize over why your boyfriend cheated after discovering his infidelity. 

Knowing the possible reasons behind his betrayal can help you process it and determine if the relationship is worth trying to repair. While excuses don’t justify cheating, understanding his motivations provides insight. According to the Guardian, some typical reasons a boyfriend may give in to temptation include:

  • Feeling neglected in the relationship
  • Seeking an ego boost or excitement
  • Unresolved personal issues like depression or insecurity
  • Immaturity and lack of commitment
  • Wanting variety after the spark faded
  • Confusion about the future of the relationship
  • Feelings of resentment had built up
  • Craving intimacy that was lacking
  • Peer pressure or acceptance issues
  • Substance abuse lowers inhibitions

Keep in mind each situation is unique. If he seems genuinely remorseful, couples counseling can uncover the deeper marital issues or individual weaknesses that enabled the affair. But if he blames you entirely, that shows a lack of accountability. You deserve a fully committed partner.

signs of boyfriend cheating

My Boyfriend Is Cheating: What Is Next? 

What do I do when I think my boyfriend is cheating on me? Voicing worries about potential cheating to close friends can provide perspective when you feel confused and overwhelmed. They may help you objectively assess what is happening before emotions escalate.

Consider counseling to process feelings constructively if your gut says something is off. Therapists help determine the next steps. But be wary of instantly accusing your boyfriend without concrete proof.

Open Communication: Set Up the Dialogue

He cheated. What is your next step? Have an honest discussion when your boyfriend seems distant to avoid building resentment. Use “I feel…” statements to describe the behaviors making you uneasy. Allow him to explain his side. Getting concerns off your chest is necessary, even if difficult.

Listen closely to his reaction and watch for defensiveness. Does he make you feel guilty for worrying? Actual reassurance and care are possible even during hard talks if he values the relationship.

When a Man Cheats — Gather Evidence

Take time to compile a complete picture before outright accusing your boyfriend if you lack solid proof but can’t shake the feeling he’s cheating. Journal when behaviors seem suspicious and look for recurring patterns. Screenshot questionable messages or exchanges if you access his accounts.

While secretly gathering “dirt” feels awful, it may provide insight that allows you to make informed choices for your well-being. But brace yourself for possible unpleasant discoveries and have support lined up.

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when a man cheats

What to Do if He Cheats? Make Informed Decisions

Confront your boyfriend if satisfied you have credible evidence, but prepare for denials or manipulation. Stick to facts. Be open to reasonable explanations but know what you need to walk away.

Reflect carefully on your desire for the relationship if cheating is confirmed when your boyfriend is cheating on you. Consider if trust can be rebuilt or if you require a clean break. Set standards for how you expect to be treated, and don’t compromise them.

Tune into your intuition if you suspect your boyfriend’s loyalty has wavered. But proceed with care in addressing the situation. Communicate with vulnerability. Seek help processing painful emotions and evidence. Prioritize your self-worth and needs. Regardless of circumstances, you can overcome this hardship with courage, honesty, and support. I know the truth will empower your next steps.


Discovering your boyfriend has been unfaithful can leave you reeling emotionally. Try not to blame yourself. His choice to cheat says more about his flaws than you. Although painful now, you can recover and move forward into healthier relationships. Keep communication open if you intend to repair the bond and restore trust. Be wary of false promises without changed actions. 

You may ultimately need distance to heal if he continues lying or cheating. Believe in your worth — you deserve undivided love and loyalty. The hurt will subside with time, reflection, and leaning on your support system. Stay strong and know trustworthy people are out there once you are ready to open your heart again after it heals. What awaits you is a relationship where you never have to question your partner’s commitment. Have faith in better days ahead.

when your boyfriend is cheating on you


How Can I Find Out My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me?

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating, consider observing changes in his behavior, such as increased secrecy or unexplained absences. Additionally, trust your intuition and communicate openly with your partner about your concerns. Gathering evidence before confronting him can also provide clarity.

Why Am I So Paranoid About My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?

Feeling paranoid in a relationship can result from past trust violations or childhood experiences that fostered insecurity. However, there are actionable steps you can take to alleviate relationship paranoia. For instance, do you check your partner’s phone while they sleep?

How Do I Stop Thinking My Boyfriend Is Cheating?

To stop thinking your boyfriend is cheating, focus on communication and building trust in your relationship. Share your feelings with your partner and address any insecurities or concerns openly. Engage in activities that promote self-care and positive thinking, and consider seeking support from trusted friends or a therapist to help navigate your emotions.

Catherine Mayers

Catherine is a psychologist and certified relationship coach with over 10 years experience helping couples heal after infidelity. Her approach provides a judgement-free space to process emotions, get to root issues, and take active steps to reconnect or mindfully part ways. Catherine offers research-based strategies to manage difficult emotions, rebuild broken trust, and improve communication. She provides empathetic guidance to empower couples during this challenging time, both through direct counseling and her insightful articles on repairing relationships after cheating.

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