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Proving Signs of Cheating with Evidence

Infidelity is one of the most unpleasant and painful experiences in a romantic relationship. Suspecting that your partner may be engaging in inappropriate behaviors with someone else can be heartbreaking and confusing. However, there are often red flags and telltale signs that indicate cheating is taking place. Being aware of these signs of cheating can help you determine if your partner is being unfaithful.

What is Cheating? — Clarifying the Issue

Cheating refers to any romantic or sexual behavior with someone other than your committed partner that violates the mutually understood boundaries of your relationship. This is the crux of what constitutes infidelity. However, those boundaries can vary substantially from couple to couple. What one partnership deems as clearly inappropriate, another may be completely acceptable. So, what is considered cheating in a relationship?

For example, is it okay for your partner to maintain a close friendship with an ex? Some couples don’t mind that friendship continues as long as critical details are shared openly and do not cross established lines. Other couples may find this unacceptable for their relationships. They would consider that cheating unless the friendship ends entirely. There is no universal definition.

Similarly, certain couples may not mind if casual flirting occurs with other people but would be very hurt by shared emotional intimacy. Other couples may allow intimacy to develop, and they don’t count it as cheating in a relationship as long as it doesn’t become physical. Certain open relationships or marriages allow a spouse to have other sexual partners as long as their primary emotional connection remains with the leading partner.

What is Cheating?

What Are the First Signs of Cheating?

Before diving into the specific signs, defining what constitutes cheating is essential. Cheating refers to any romantic or sexual behavior with someone other than your committed partner that violates the mutually understood boundaries of your relationship. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Flirting in a deceptive manner
  • Becoming emotionally intimate with someone else
  • Engaging in physical intimacy like kissing, touching, or sex
  • Carrying on a secret romantic relationship
  • Spending quality one-on-one time with someone in a deceptive way
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Even if intercourse doesn’t occur, many of the behaviors above can still be considered cheating. The key factors are deception, secrecy, and emotional or physical intimacy with someone outside the committed relationship.

What is Considered Cheating — 10 Telltale Signs

Some common signs suggest cheating may be taking place. While some of these can happen innocently, several may indicate an affair. So, what is considered cheating? Let’s clarify with these ten telltale signs your partner could be cheating:

  1. They are highly protective of their phone or devices: Does your partner quickly flip their phone over when you enter the room? Do they get anxious if you pick it up, even to hand it to them? This could signify hiding texts, photos, or apps they don’t want you to see.
  2. You find inappropriate texts, photos, or apps: Explicit messages, dating apps, sensual images, and the like are all warning signs of cheating.
  3. Changes in sex life: An unusually high or low libido can indicate your partner is getting their needs met elsewhere. Alternatively, incorporating new moves between the sheets you’ve never done before can suggest your partner learned them from someone else.
  4. Sudden changes in appearance: If your partner suddenly starts dressing better, getting in shape, grooming more carefully, or wearing new fragrances, it may be an effort to impress another person.
  5. They frequently work late: Do their work hours seem to be extending more often? Do their reasons for staying late start sounding fishy or implausible? This pattern may mean they are spending that time with someone else instead.
  6. Excessive time on devices: One of the most common signs of cheating. Suppose your partner is suddenly texting, scrolling, and otherwise glued to their phone constantly when that wasn’t typical before. In that case, it can signify emotional or sexual exchanges with another person are taking place.
  7. More girls’ and boys’ nights: An increase in nights out with “the guys” or “the girls” can provide convenient cover for dates with affair partners.
  8. Less intimacy and romance: Are date nights, affection, and sexual encounters decreasing between you and your partner? The excitement and chemistry may be getting channeled elsewhere instead.
  9. Dodgy explanations of their whereabouts: Do your partner’s stories about where they’ve been lately or who they were with seem questionable? Do you think about signs of cheating more and more after those stories? Do timelines, facts, and details not quite line up? Lying and skirting the truth about one’s whereabouts tends to go hand-in-hand with cheating.
  10. Intuition detects something is off: Lastly, the simple feeling in your gut that something doesn’t sit right is often correct. Even if other tangible proof exists, a strong intuitive sense of distrust frequently aligns with infidelity.
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ten signs of cheating

How to Know if Someone Is Cheating?

Noticing one or two of the signs of cheating above may not be enough to confirm infidelity outright. However, several together can paint a clearer picture that your partner may be involved with someone else. Other direct ways to help determine if cheating is occurring include:

  • Looking through their texts, photos, call logs, apps, and emails for suspicious exchanges
  • Calling or messaging the person you suspect of cheating with
  • Following them to witness if they are secretly meeting up with someone else
  • Asking close friends if they know or suspect anything
  • Checking statements and receipts for gifts, hotel charges, or other expenses for the alleged affair partner
  • Confirming timelines and alibis directly with the people your partner claims they were with

How to Tell if Someone Is Cheating With the Help of Tracking Apps?

There are numerous tracking applications available that can help monitor your partner’s online activities. These apps can be installed on your partner’s phone, often discreetly, to track text messages, call logs, emails, and even GPS locations in real time. Some advanced versions of these apps can also retrieve deleted messages and track social media activities. It is precisely what you need if you suspect cheating in a relationship. For installation, you typically need physical access to the target phone. 

Tracking applications offer a comprehensive suite of surveillance features. They can effectively monitor text messages, phone calls, real-time GPS location, browsing history, and social media activities across numerous platforms. They also can retrieve deleted messages — an often crucial feature when uncovering dishonest behaviors. 

Another significant feature is geofencing, which allows users to set up virtual boundaries on the map. The user is alerted if the monitored device enters or leaves these predetermined zones. This feature can reveal if a partner visits specific locations without your knowledge. So, how to know if someone is cheating? Now, you can only look at the map!

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Additionally, keylogging capabilities record every keystroke made on the device, helping to uncover hidden messages or search queries. Tracking apps also offer a stealth mode, which keeps the app hidden on the monitored device, thus maintaining the user’s discretion.

How to Tell if Someone Is Cheating With the Help of Tracking Apps?

How to Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating?

Installing a tracking application on your partner’s device can be a viable solution if you suspect infidelity and aim to gather evidence. Here are general steps to guide you through the installation process to understand how to find out if your partner is cheating:

  1. Purchase an App: The first step is to purchase a subscription from the tracking application’s website. The cost varies depending on the plan you choose.
  2. Prepare the Device: You need physical access to your partner’s device for a few minutes. Ensure the device is connected to the internet.
  3. Download & Install the Application: Follow the instructions provided by the application’s download page to download and install it on the device. This often involves visiting a particular website or scanning a QR code.
  4. Configure the Settings: Open the app and accept the necessary permissions after installation. You’ll also be asked to enter an activation code.
  5. Choose Features: You can now select which activities to track to reveal cheating in a relationship, such as text messages, call logs, GPS locations, etc.
  6. Go Stealth: Ensure the app is hidden or running in stealth mode so it’s not visible. The app should continue running in the background without the device owner’s knowledge.
  7. Monitor Activities: Log into your account on the app’s website using any device. From here, you can monitor your partner’s activities in real-time.
How to Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating?


Being attentive to signs like emotional distance, suspicious behavior with devices, and lying about one’s whereabouts can help reveal cheating in a relationship. While some hints could indicate other harmless situations, several should give reason for concern. Gather evidence with a tracking app to prove your concerns and address them to your partner. 

Pay close attention to any defensiveness or strange explanations that may confirm deception. While discovering infidelity is extremely painful, the truth coming to light ultimately protects one’s health and safety in the long run.

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Catherine is a psychologist and certified relationship coach with over 10 years experience helping couples heal after infidelity. Her approach provides a judgement-free space to process emotions, get to root issues, and take active steps to reconnect or mindfully part ways. Catherine offers research-based strategies to manage difficult emotions, rebuild broken trust, and improve communication. She provides empathetic guidance to empower couples during this challenging time, both through direct counseling and her insightful articles on repairing relationships after cheating.

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