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You Can’t Miss These Signs He Is Cheating With His Ex!

Infidelity can be extremely painful and difficult to navigate. If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, especially with an ex, it is understandable to look for signs and confirmation. Unfortunately, cheating with an ex isn’t something uncommon. A message like “Hey, I’m in your city. Do you want to grab a drink?” may become a meetup, a kiss, and intimacy, as described in the Vogue

This article explores potential reasons why someone might cheat, signs he is cheating with his ex, and tips for constructively addressing suspicions.

signs he is cheating with his ex

Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Girlfriends With Exes?

There are various reasons why many people find themselves in situations where the boyfriend cheats with ex:

Familiarity and Nostalgia  

An ex represents a past relationship and shared history, which can feel comfortable and familiar. Going through a rocky patch or getting bored in a current relationship may lead someone to seek that familiarity and validation from an ex.

Unresolved Feelings 

Completely getting over an ex and moving on is not always straightforward. Even if a relationship seems happy, unaddressed feelings or loose ends with an ex can undermine it. Cheating may be an unhealthy way to find closure.

Opportunity and Access 

Practical reasons like proximity, continued contact, or background knowledge about an ex’s life make reaching out more accessible. It does not excuse the behavior but provides context for boyfriend cheating with ex.

Damaged Current Relationship

Significant problems like frequent conflicts, emotional distance, stress due to significant life changes, or breaches of trust can damage an existing relationship. Rather than communicate or fix issues, one partner may cheat with an ex as an escape.

Of course, reasons are not the same as excuses. Cheating represents a fundamental breach of trust in a relationship. However, understanding potential motivations provides insight.

Cheating with an ex

Cheating With Ex: 15 Signs You Need to Be Aware Of

If you have an underlying suspicion or gut feeling that your partner may be interacting inappropriately with an ex, here are some potential signs he is cheating with his ex to look out for:

1. Decreased intimacy

Less interest in physical intimacy, flirting, sex, or alone time together may indicate distraction, guilt, or focus elsewhere. Look out for declining interest in activities you used to enjoy together, like date nights, cuddling on the couch, or romantic getaways.

2. Guarding devices 

Increased protectiveness over phones, constantly clearing browser history, turning devices away from you, or taking calls privately. Does their phone never leave their side? Do they quickly flip it over when you enter a room? This secretiveness suggests they are hiding something.

3. Schedule changes 

Newfound unexplained absences, vagueness about plans and time spent, or notably increasing time apart. Hmm, it sounds like signs he is cheating with his ex. Take note if their explanations for blocks of time don’t quite add up. Frequent excuses like unexpected work meetings, drinks with friends you’ve never heard of, or extra hours at the gym are dubious.

4. Appearance shifts  

Efforts to get back in shape, dress better, or change looks may signal trying to impress another person. Some upkeep is average, but a brand-new workout regimen, wardrobe overhaul, or experimenting with hair and makeup styles could mean they are trying to look suitable for someone else. Especially be wary if the changes feel like emulating an ex’s preferences rather than their own.

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5. Less communication 

It is one of the most telltale signs he is cheating with his ex and pulling away from the emotional intimacy you used to share or no longer confiding about problems. Has the steady back-and-forth rapport you once shared tapered off? Do they seem distracted, dismissive, or impatient when you try talking? This lack of interest in connecting could stem from concentrating romantic and emotional energy elsewhere.

Less communication  in marriage

6. Picking fights

Baseless increased irritation, antagonism, and provoking conflict to create distance. Starting arguments, criticizing harmless behaviors, and storming out of rooms could all attempt to justify pulling away from you and the relationship. Picking fights essentially manufactures excuses to have less contact.

7. Gaslighting

Denying things you know to be accurate or twisting facts to make you feel crazy. Importantly, it is usually one of the signs he is cheating with his ex. This distraction tactic is common with cheating. You confront them about a questionable restaurant charge or whispering on the phone late at night. But instead of addressing the concern directly, they insist you’re imagining things or just paranoid and jealous for no reason. This denial and projecting the blame for doubts onto you distracts from the real issue — their shady behavior.

8. Withdrawing affection

Stopping the everyday affectionate gestures like kisses, compliments, hand-holding, and cuddling. Have they stopped initiating physical closeness? Do they seem to recoil from loving touches or rebuff attempts at intimacy? This shift suggests they are pulling away emotionally and saving displays of affection for someone else, and it becomes one of the signs he is cheating on his ex.

9. No enthusiasm 

Lack of interest in things that used to excite them, like favorite hobbies, social events, and travel destinations. Are they suddenly indifferent to plans they used to look forward to, like concerts, camping trips, or nights out with mutual friends? This apathy points to preoccupation with another dynamic consuming their mental focus and emotional energy.

10. Secrecy over finances 

Unexplained expenditures, cash withdrawals, or hiding accounts often indicate gifts, trips, or expenses related to an affair. Do their spending habits seem unusual lately? Have you noticed cash withdrawals without explanation, credit card bills paid hastily without showing you, or other mysterious bank account activity? These secret financial moves allow them to fund an outside fling without fear of being caught cheating with ex.

11. Ex’s personal items 

Finding their ex’s belongings, photos, and cards in their wallet, work bag, or car when cleaning or borrowing something. Pay attention if you stumble upon traces of the ex, like jewelry, clothing items, handwritten notes, ticket stubs from past dates, old photos, or other memorabilia stashed around their items. These sentimental saves suggest they are clinging to emotional attachments.

Ex’s personal items 

12. Spending time with ex

Efforts to hang out with, talk, text, or connect on social media more frequently. Have they suddenly brought up their ex in conversation more often? Do they mysteriously need to take a phone call or answer a text whenever this person is discussed? These could be subtle hints at renewed communication beyond your view. Therefore, they may be cheating with ex.

13. Overcompensating

Going over the top with gifts, compliments, and help around the house. This balances guilt from their shady behavior. When people feel guilty about something, they often try very obviously to make up for it in other aspects of the relationship. Has their behavior towards you markedly improved out of nowhere? Grand gestures could signal overcompensation for underhanded actions elsewhere.

14. Blaming you

For minor issues in the relationship, to justify cheating with your ex as your fault or because you “pushed them to it.” When confronted about sketchy behavior, do they deflect responsibility by making excuses like “You’re never around” or “You don’t care about this relationship anyway”? Twisting reality to blame you for driving them to someone else is more manageable than owning up.

15. Intuition 

Most simply, your gut. You know this person best. If something feels off, do not ignore that feeling. Only you can decode your partner’s usual cadence. If small changes in their communication style, personality, routines, or investment in your bond raise flags, trust your instincts. Even if you cannot pinpoint why, suspicion often stems from picking up inconsistencies that indicate a disconnect.

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Of course, one or two of these signs on their own may not mean cheating with ex — and not all cheating looks the same. But a combination of factors merits paying attention and gathering more information unobtrusively before making accusations. If you witness multiple shifts across aspects of your relationship, take note. Cross-check them against your partner’s explanations or excuses to assess whether cheating seems plausible.

Observe their patterns and interactions more closely without prying to see if there are traces of another relationship. But trusting your intuition that something feels amiss, taking note of warning signs he is cheating with his ex, and making space for open communication with your partner provides clarity.

cheating with ex

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With His Ex: What Should I Do?

Discovering that he cheated with his ex is devastating, especially with an ex who likely stirs up insecurity. While the knee-jerk reaction may be lashing out, more constructive approaches exist.

  • Process the news — Take time alone to calm down, process emotions, and reflect before confronting. Journaling or talking to a trusted friend can help avoid reacting rashly. 
  • Communicate honestly — Once ready, have an open discussion about what happened and its implications. Listen without attacking back. The goal is to assess the following steps, not demonize them.
  • Set boundaries — Clarify unacceptable behaviors to rebuild trust, like cutting contact with the ex. Compromising your dignity or values to stay together sends the wrong message.
  • Focus inward — Infidelity damages self-worth. Many girls think, “My bf cheated on me with his ex, and I am guilty of that. I wasn’t enough; I didn’t do enough.” Make emotional self-care the priority with sufficient sleep, exercise, nutrition, and social connection. You cannot control their actions but can handle caring for yourself. Self-forgiveness is crucial. Don’t blame yourself; realize that you aren’t guilty of someone’s cheating. 
  • Decide if reconciliation is possible — In-depth reflection is needed to determine if the relationship is worth saving. Consider factors like length of relationship, presence of children, history of fidelity, reason for affair, partner’s remorse, and willingness to work on the relationship.
  • Forgive but not forget — Rebuilding broken trust after his cheating with ex takes tremendous time and effort from both people. If choosing to reconcile, try to forgive yourself and your partner without excusing the infidelity. However, maintaining healthy skepticism moving forward can protect you. 
  • Prepare to move on — In some cases, parting ways, at least temporarily, presents the healthiest path forward. Consult lawyers to understand options if contemplating permanent separation or divorce. Focus energy on self-care and leaning on those who love you.

Discovering infidelity generates confusion, pain, and anger. But avoiding knee-jerk reactions, communicating openly after processing it, and attending to your needs first and foremost empower you to navigate the crisis. With time and effort, healthy relationships can recover.

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With His Ex: What Should I Do?


Cheating with ex on a romantic partner betrays intimacy, trust, and loyalty — the foundations of a strong relationship. When this occurs with an ex, it raises particularly challenging questions about current happiness and underlying feelings.

Constructively assessing signs of potential cheating and having open conversations in the aftermath presents the healthiest path. Each situation differs based on motivations for infidelity, history of the relationship, and willingness to work through issues. Taking time for self-care, processing emotions separately before communicating, and setting clear expectations around rebuilding trust can help individuals emerge emotionally healthier, whether together or apart.


What to do when your boyfriend cheats with ex?

Take time to process the emotions before confronting him. Infidelity is a major betrayal that impacts self-worth. Prioritize self-care, lean on trusted friends, and potentially seek counseling. Once feelings have calmed, have an open discussion about what happened. Set boundaries regarding contact with the ex, full transparency moving forward and rebuilding trust. Consider trial separation unless he understands the harm caused, commits to reconciliation efforts, and you believe the relationship is worth saving.

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Is cheating with ex the end of a relationship?

Not necessarily. Many happy, lifelong relationships survive infidelity with counseling, with the intent to improve and rebuild intimacy over time. However, noticing signs he is cheating with his ex indicates fundamental issues like communication breakdown, marital dissatisfaction, misaligned values, and lack of commitment or respect. The injured party must determine if the breach of trust is too deep to move past. Reconciliation will fail without dedication from both people to understand why it occurred and how to heal wounds. Consider the length of the relationship, the remorse shown, and the history to help inform the choice to reconcile or let go.

Should I break up with my boyfriend, who cheated on me?

This profoundly personal decision depends on still seeing potential despite deception and the ability to forgive when he cheated with his ex. Those unable to regain trust after their partner’s unfaithfulness often part ways for good, prioritizing self-worth. However, others value the relationship enough to cautiously work on rebuilding intimacy. Set clear expectations about acceptable behaviors and transparency. Requires demonstrating a genuine commitment to you. Trial separations allow space to gauge if you miss each other while testing changed behaviors alone. In any path, recognize that self-compassion does not betray personal values.

How do men act after cheating with ex?

If wracked with guilt, noticeable shifts in mood like defensiveness, temper flare-ups, or sullenness may occur alongside desperate attempts to make amends via attention and gifts. However, cheaters underestimating guilt’s giveaway signs may instead seem overly enthusiastic about the relationship. Overcompensation helps alleviate their conscience while keeping the affair under wraps. Nonchalance and business as usual also help mask wrongdoing in plain sight. Pay most attention to new behaviors that feel “off” or insincere rather than how you expect a cheater “should” act.

How do you tell if he’s not over his ex?

Remaining attached to an ex while starting a new relationship unfairly drags past hurt into the future. Signs he is cheating with his ex, or not over them yet, include keeping memorabilia, frequently mentioning her positively, staying in contact without a valid reason, openly comparing you to her, waxing nostalgic about shared experiences, or being evasive about details of the split. These indicate lingering attachment. Discuss your concerns and any need to limit contact or interactions with ex directly yet calmly outside the heat of the moment.

Is it OK for your bf to talk to his ex?

Occasional conversations are not necessarily alarming depending on context – children, mutual friends, or tied finances provide valid reasons. However, frequent calls, making her an emotional confidante, secrecy around contact, or prioritizing her over you cross boundaries, especially if contact stopped when you began dating and demanding “no contact” ultimatums often backfire, though. Have an open discussion about what you consider appropriate contact, without attacks or blaming of signs he is cheating with his ex. If unable to agree, compatibility could be an issue.

How can I trust my bf after he cheated?

Blindly trusting again after deception is complex, but resisting the cynicism it breeds matters for healing. Expect full transparency around whereabouts and friendships. Regularly check in about feelings and relationship satisfaction, even when all seems fine. Notice, but do not nitpick, minor potential warning signs that breed anxiety. Therapy builds coping tools for triggering moments. But if obsessive suspicion persists, the relationship foundation remains weak. Walking away may become necessary for well-being, even after attempts to reconcile fail.

Should I take him back after he cheated?

Every circumstance differs. If you find yourself in a situation like “he cheated on me with his ex,” not for the first time with the same partner, the questions may arise. However, serial deception or lying about multiple affairs reflects poor character, requiring internal work before being capable of real intimacy. Guidelines suggest at least 12 months focused separately on self-improvement before considering reconciliation. In the end, trust your instincts. Staying out of desperation merely prolongs the pain. Seek partners sharing values of honesty and commitment complementing yours, even if relearning that after betrayal.

Catherine Mayers

Catherine is a psychologist and certified relationship coach with over 10 years experience helping couples heal after infidelity. Her approach provides a judgement-free space to process emotions, get to root issues, and take active steps to reconnect or mindfully part ways. Catherine offers research-based strategies to manage difficult emotions, rebuild broken trust, and improve communication. She provides empathetic guidance to empower couples during this challenging time, both through direct counseling and her insightful articles on repairing relationships after cheating.

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